What is Angloville?

Hi, we are Angloville, the biggest provider of language immersion programmes in Central – Eastern Europe.

Imagine staying in a little “English-speaking village”, practicing your English non stop with native speakers from the UK, the U.S., Australia, Ireland and Canada during a fun-packed language camp that will help you OVERCOME YOUR LANGUAGE BARRIERS… that is what Angloville is all about!

As a language learner, you will stay in one of our beautiful venues in Poland / Hungary for 6 days and experience a full language immersion with native speakers from all over the world.

Angloville offers the most individualized language programmes in Europe. The student to native speaker ratio is “1 to 1” .

We help our clients improve their English through a series of conversations and activities. We do NOT teach in a classroom environment and we do NOT use books. An unforgettable cultural exchange experience is guaranteed!


Key Features of all Angloville camps:

  • Intensive language practice which helps students overcome barriers in speaking English
  • We do not teach in a classroom setting, we do not use books
  • 6 days of complete immersion in an „English Village”
  • 70h of practical, conversation-based interactions with native speakers
  • Different accents in one place (British, American, Australian, Irish)

You will overcome language barriers thanks to:

  • Being surrounded with English almost 24/7 in an Angloville „English village”
  • Ongoing ‘1 to 1’ interactions with native speakers of English
  • No communication in your local language
  • Practice of various role-plays, scenarios, cultural exchange and a very dynamic and practical programme.

How do I sign up?

If you’re excited to be part of one of these unique experiences, we look forward to hearing from you!
Please email us or go directly to Sign Up Now