About us

Angloville fully dedicates itself to language immesion programmes and at the moment provides language camps in Ireland, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania. Each year we help over 3000 clients (adults and teenagers) from over 10 different countries overcome their language barriers during our camps. We provide language services to a number of international companies and global brands. Our partners include recognized TEFL institutes from the UK, the U.S. and Ireland.

Organisers of the language course:

Angloville Sp. z. o. o. SK. POLAND

Ul. Św. Leonarda 1/8
25-311 Kielce

NIP: 657-291-71-22

Angloville Kft.  HUNGARY

2040 Budaörs
Templom tér 19.

Cg. 13-09-172863