Our clients come from all over Europe to learn English

The participants are adults, students or employees of all ages. They come from all over Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Hungary, Poland, etc.), and many of them are working in medium and large companies . They master the theoretical basics of the language, grammar and vocabulary, but they want to overcome their fear of speaking. Some of them are preparing for a trip abroad or want to advance their careers.

Our native English speakers come from all Anglo-Saxon countries

English is their mother tongue. You will find they speak „real world” English rather than the borring „textbook” verion. Similar to what you might hear on the streets of NYC, Sydney, London or Dublin. They represent various age groups and occupations. Some of them have been recommended by TEFL Institutes with which we partner. Our speakers come from various English-speaking countries, promoting multicultural diversity and a variety of accents.

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