Angloville is a conversation-based program. It is not about traditional teaching; it’s more of a cultural exchange program where the by-product for students is comfort using the English language. During the program, participants will be engaged in English conversations for at least 70 hours. While that may sound intimidating, the time flies by – each hour is a new activity, with new people, and new goals. It is intensive but it’s not laborious – it’s a social environment and virtually everyone who has attended the program has found it rewarding and enjoyable. By the end of the week you can be sure that you will have new friends from all over the English-speaking world.

You will be talking for the majority of the day in many different formats. One-on-one conversations, group activities, negotiations, games, relaxing over a meal or a drink. We do not limit the format of the conversations and the participants are free to talk about anything they like (though we do provide topics you may use).

We also encourage people to have their one-on-one discussions while enjoying a stroll, having a tea or coffee etc. Each Angloville venue is fantastic, with amenities including indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, jacuzzis, saunas and pool tables etc. Enjoying what the venues have to offer is part of what makes Angloville such a unique and fun experience. Throughout the week, you will have the chance to speak with everyone on the trip, individually, in addition to the group discussions, meals etc.

During the meals, you’ll be enjoying the mixed company of local participants from Central-Eastern Europe and native English speakers. Generally, we have even numbers of each at each table, which makes for interesting conversation and a laid-back environment to get to know all the participants.

It’s truly a special opportunity to make new friends and memories…

1 on 1 session