A Typical Day on Angloville

The timetable has been designed to fully use the 6 days that we have with our native Englih speakers. The way the timetable is run is very dynamic, with various activities (including outdoor), discussion topics and games throughout the day. What we can guarantee is that everything feels like great fun and not like school. You can find a sample schedules below:

Daily Timetable Adults

  • Mentor session – we will teach you how to effectively deliver simple presentations in English.


  • 1 to 1 session – various conversation sessions; about English culture, your own culture, hobbies, interests and also business topic if you like. The native English speakers change each hour. The session may take the form of discussion at a table, a walk or game outside.


  • Group activities – workshop-type session in small groups, dedicated to practising speaking, team communication and cooperation. These may take the form of team games, roleplay or outdoor activities involving cooperaration.


  • Meals – small-talk conversation. Two participants are accompanied by two native English speaker.


  • Entertainment hour - entertainment hour is a chance for everyone to laugh and relax. Working together, people participate in different games, comedy sketches, trivia and other summer-camp style activities. It’s a fun way to start the evening after dinner.


  • Social time – after a long day, it never hurts to socialize in a care-free way, without structure. For those who would like, you’re welcome to have a drink, play a game of pool, talk in groups, etc. Likewise, if you’re exhausted, you’re welcome to rest.