Why Hungary?

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Hungary is one of the premier travel destinations in Central and Eastern Europe. A small country with a population just below 10 million, but with a rich cultural history, many beautiful sites to visit and, of course, its famous capital located on the two sides of the Danube river – Budapest.


Budapest panorama by nightSource: www.weloveczech.com

The capital of Hungary actually comprises three earlier cities – Pest, Buda and Óbuda (which dates back to the time of the Roman empire). The city has a beautiful classical architectural style, a bustling cultural scene and a vibrant nightlife. You can relax in one of its famous spas, hike in the hills of Buda, enjoy the historical treasures of the old Jewish district or hit the streets late at night to explore the very special “Ruin bar” scene.

Video copyrighted by Németh Norbert Photography