Why Poland?

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Angloville provides a unique opportunity to discover some gems of Central & Eastern Europe and meet the local people. Below we present some ideas on what can be combined with your visit to Angloville.



With over 15 million international visitors each year, Poland is becoming a spot which one should not omit on their European travel map.

Wrocław – European Capital of Culture 2016

A unique European city of mixed heritage combining the cultures of Germans Czechs and Poles. Wroclaw’s diverse architecture attracts many visitors from all over the world making it one of the most popular Polish cities. Wroclaw today is one of the fastest growing regional business and educational centres of Poland.

Read more about the European Capital of Culture here: www.wroclaw2016.pl/about-ecoc



It the capital of Poland and the largest city with the metropolitan population reaching 3 million people. It is considered the business center of Poland, yet apart from business, Warsaw has many interesting sights to offer. The Old Town with the Royal Castle, Market Square and Barbakan, all rebuilt after the World War II, along with other cultural sights, make Warsaw a must see on a visitor’s map.



The cultural capital of Poland and the second largest city. For many centuries it was home to the Polish kings. The rapid growth of the city in the medieval times granted the city an extraordinary character which is visible until today. It was not a surprise that in 1978 the entire Old Town of Krakow was inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list. Major landmarks include the Main Market Square, Wawel Royal Castle, Sukiennice cloth hall and many more. Since the opening of the Jagiellonian University in 1364 Krakow has become an educational centre of Poland which it remains until today with its university student population of nearly 200 thousand.

Gdansk, Gdynia, Sopot ( Tricity).


Laying on the Baltic coast, the three neighbouring cities have lots to offer. Tricity, the home of Lech Walesa and the Solidarity movement, offers access to some of the finest beaches in the country: a perfect destination if one wishes to combine a city break with some leisure time on the beach in the sun. The Gdansk Old Town offers some of the nicest architecture in the country. Sopot, on the other hand, introduces to all the visitors probably the most vibrant nightlife in the country, where everybody will find their perfect place.



Polish winter capital. Great for skiing in the winter, hiking in the summer, and breathtaking views all year round.



Cultural Events

Poland takes pride in its lively cultural scene which comprises of over 200 music, art and film festivals across the country . The ones more internationally recognized include:

  • Opener Music Festival – awarded the Best Major Festival prize on 2010 European Festival Awards ceremony, Opener gathers each year for three days top international musicians along with hundreds of thousands of fans.
  • Woodstock festival – being the biggest open-air festival in Europe, Woodstock is in fact organized by a charity as a ‚thank you’ gift to all its volunteers. The admittance is free, and the festival brings world class rock music to a wide audience. The 2009 edition of the event gathered almost half a million people.
  • Coke Live Festival – a true feast for popular music lovers, Coke Live always brings a mixture of acclaimed international artists with a bunch of Polish stars, making it a ‚best of both worlds’ combination.
  • Sunrise Festival – a mecca for house music fans from all over the world.
  • Over 30 jazz festivals all over the country.